Christmas and the World of Plenty

Sometimes, the perfection of youth shows its cracks upon closer inspection.  What seemed lovely at the start is a bit more problematic in the bright light of day.

No matter how much good the effort may have done, no matter how much money it raised, there’s still a bit of a flinch when a major pop star sings “Well, tonight thank God it’s them, instead of you!”

The social justice warrior of 2015 kind of wants to slap the well meaning new waver of 1984 over THAT one.

And yet, in its imperfection, the affection and the memory is still a beautiful thing.

This remains one of my favorites. I was deeply into all things British musically, and for a young gay boy, it was like a parade of my crushes. Paul Weller. Jon Moss. Tony Hadley.

And my hero – or dare I say, heroine – Boy George. His voice here is just magic, every note.

I still love this song so. Even hearing it now brought tears to my eyes.

I wish such a song wasn’t still necessary. I wish so much of today’s world could be fixed so easily. That which seemed so possible in 1984 feels but a distant memory in 2015, with the brutality and disregard for humanity we swim in every day.

But for a few moments, I am reminded.

PS: I always love to see the extended Band-Aid clip. My favorite moment (at around 20:00) again, courtesy of Boy George, who hears a voice in the mix he believes is Alison Moyet and then is told is George Michael. 

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