Man vs middle age cliche


I admit it, I’ve become a big cliché.

Yes, I’m yet another fortysomething man who become a vinyl record aficionado.

See what I mean? Cliché.

It’s hardly a new idea. I mean, read High Fidelity or see the movie. Or read any of the news articles from a few years ago, the ones that insist most record store customers are middle aged loners.

Thanks, Obama.

My blog so far has been a lot about my memories – a memoir with music in the background. It will continue to be that, but a big chunk will now also be about my observations about the wonderful (and weird) world of vinyl.

There’s a lot that’s got me interested about this world, so I’ll be writing about it.

I’ll try hard not to become an even BIGGER cliche, a bigger middle aged hipster than I already am!

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