About Music | Sense | Memory

I’m Patrick. I’ve been making some noises & fuss that can be construed as “writing” for about a decade now.

I wrote for a hot minute for the jobs website CareerBuilder.com, and I’ve done a lot of freelance writing.

A few years ago, instead of having a midlife crisis, I lost my damn mind and went back to college to complete an unfinished degree. While I was there, I was the news and online editor for our student newspaper.

This blog has been up and running for a year or so now. Originally it was meant to be a bit of a memoir, tied to music. In 2016 I bought a vintage record player and dove back into vinyl, which I hadn’t owned since the early 90s. I thought I’d just buy a few things here or there. And there, and there, and there……yep, it’s become a habit. 



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