Record Store Day 2017


I’m beginning to wonder if my record collecting hobby has crossed the line from “hobby” to “addiction.”

I mean, I’m traveling a few times this year and part of my travel plans now include researching all the best record stores in town.

But I think the Record Store Day event is a real test of hobby vs addiction…..and it’s one I’ll probably fail.

I’m not competitive. And usually, I am not a “stand in line” kind of person. The idea of being in a long queue for something that will likely be gone by the time I get inside? I mean, why don’t I just punch myself in the face instead.

But there’s one thing – ONE reissue – on the #RSD17 list that has long been on my Ten Most Wanted List.

And so, come April 22, I’ll be in line somewhere. I’m trying to figure out the best place to go – do I go to the popular place in the city, hoping they’ll have secured more than one copy? Or do I go to that store in the ‘burbs, where I might have a better chance of scoring the sole copy he’ll get in stock?

How early is too early to wait in line? Should I bring cookies? All terribly important questions, of course.

Note: this is mostly humorous / tongue in cheek. Mostly….

P.S. This fuss is all for ONE record on the US RSD list. As if to further torment me, there are two additional must-haves on the UK/Europe list.